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Air & Space Museum at Dulles!



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Concord Concord & Boeing 707 Boeing 707 Lufthansa Enola Gay Enola Gay Enola Gay
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Pan Am Passenger Plane German Blitz Bomber Russian MIG Shuttle Black Bird Racer! Sea Plane!
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Dog Fight! In Flight! In Flight! 1915 Planes Vertical Flight Museum Entrance Viewing Tower
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The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum expanded the space by moving the larger airplanes to a hanger near the Washington-Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Virginia.  It is a series of connected hangar-like structures designed to accommodate artifacts too large for the flagship building.   More than 400 million cubit feet of space allows the center to display smaller aircraft suspended from the ceiling, each one angled as if in flight.  The museum is the length of three football fields and is ten stories high!

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