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Photo Title 01    -

How Viviane and I met on a cruise through Tierra del Fuego!

Photo Title 02    -

Photos of us during the last 12 years!

Photo Title 03    -

CinnaMan Villa

Photo Title 04    -

Rudy's ~ The Worst Barbecue Place in the World!

Photo Title 05    -

Texas State Capital in Austin

Photo Title 06    -

Texas State History & Blanton Museum

Photo Title 07 -

Zilker Park - Barton Springs - Train Ride

Photo Title 08    -

800,000 Bats from the Congress Street Bridge

Photo Title 09    -

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum

Photo Title 10    -

Harry Ransom Center - University of Texas Austin

Photo Title 11    -

AMoA Austin Texas Museum of Art Walk

Photo Title 12    -

Friday Brunch on the Deck at CinnaMan Villa

Chuck and Downtown Austin Texas

Photo Title 13    -

Clara Driscoll's Laguna Gloria Villa  

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Published on: 2011.03.28


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