Chuck & Viviane and Glider Rides - 2008.05.18!


Chuck & Viviane and Glider Rides - 2008.05.18!


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Photo Page 01 ~ Silver Legacy Hotel - 31st Floor - View of the Mountains!

Photo Page 02 ~ No Balloon Ride Today - Wind Not Cooperating!

Photo Page- 03 ~ Our Personal Gliders - Glider Rides by Soar Truckee

Photo Page 04 ~ Taking Off from the Runway

Photo Page 05 ~ Flying Over Lake Tahoe!

Photo Page 06 ~ Going in for a Landing!

Photo Page 07 ~ Chuck and His Pilot!

Photo Page 08 ~ Viviane and Her Pilot!

Photo Page 09 ~ Wine & Cheese Reception for the Reno Conference Classes of 2008

Photo Page 10 ~ The Comedy Club - Fielding West - Magician!

Photo Page 11 ~ On the Way to a Champagne Dinner!

Photo Page 12 ~ Entering the Lobby of the Eldorado Resort Casino

Photo Page 13 ~ Our Fabulous Champagne Dinner at the Roxy!

Photo Page 14 ~ The Mystery of the Disappearing Champagne Cork!

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