I had just left my apartment around 10:30 a.m. was walking down Market Street and saw two men coming up the street toward me. They didn't know each other and the one walking behind was yelling at the man in front. They looked like construction workers.

I listened and then wondered if I should send this incident to Leah Garchik who is in the Chronicle and has a daily article about going ons around the City and things people have over heard. Leah emailed me and we had a nice talk. Little did I know she would use my submission to her.

I was shocked this morning as I was having my coffee and reading the Chronicle at the Asian Art Museum. My name was in the Chronicle! Leah did rewrite somewhat, my story and I personnaly do not think it has the same punch as my original but still, I am quoted in the Chronicle.

I was on the cover and featured inside the Life Magazine in 1946. I was in an article at the Blue Cross of California monthly news letter in 1983. In 2008 I was featured in the Freeport Journal Standard in Illiois. The Asian Art Museum did a full page profile of me in their quarterly News Letter in 2013. In 2014 I was featured in the local The Extra Newspaper of San Francisco and in 2015 I was interviewed and photographed by the New York Times for the article on the Mid Market upgrade. And in 2016 I was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle. My 15 minutes of fame seems to be going on for longer than I had believed it would!

Life Magazine - 1946 Blue Cross News Letter - 1983 Asian Art Museum Magazine - 2013 New York Times - 2015

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