Blue Cross Employee News Published on April 29th, 1983

Featured on the Cover of the Blue Cross Employee News in 1983

I was approached in the early spring in 1983 by the HR Department and they said they wanted to have a talk with me. Of course I wondered why they wanted a private meeting with me. They said they heard I was on the cover of Life Magazine and wanted to use it in their April 1983 News Letter they sent out every month. Of course I said it was all right.

They said to keep this quiet as there was going to be an article asking if anyone recognized the six year old.

Who is This?

This young fellow who adorned the cover of Life magazine's October 18, 1946 issue is now an employee of Blue Cross of California in the Oakland office. Can you recognize him from this picture? If not, turn to page 3 for the answer!

Someone Remembered me when they were in grade school in Honolulu!

I was working on the 18th floor of the Blue Cross building in the business analyst department when suddenly a woman ran in and grabbed me. She said she couldn't believe it!

When she was about eight years old in 1946, she and her class mates had an entire day talking about my photo on the cover of Life magazine. They also talked about the four pages of photos inside the magazine.

She said for some reason, the photos being black and white, the U.S.A. and Illinois must be very drab and dark. No colors at all! She finally did come to the mainland years later and had a good laugh, the grass and trees were green and the flowers did have color! She said things children think when growing up!

So I had another 15 minutes of fame because of the cover on Life magazine!

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
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