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Photo Page 01 ~ Los Chiles - Costa Rica

 Chuck and Ometepe Volcano!


Photo Page 02 ~ Boats to San Carlos Nicaragua from Los Chiles

Photo Page- 03 ~ San Juan River to San Carlos

Photo Page 04 ~ Boat to El Castillo

Photo Page 05 ~ Rainy Day on the Fort in El Castillo

Photo Page 06 ~ Scenes of El Castillo

Photo Page 07 ~ Ferry to Ometepe

Photo Page 08 ~ Our Fabulous Bungalow on Ometepe

Photo Page 09 ~ Howler Monkeys and Birds and Petroglyphs!

Photo Page 10 ~ Masaya Volcano!

Photo Page 11 ~ Granada Society of Poets Parade!

Photo Page 12 ~ Cruising the Island by Granada

Photo Page 13 ~ Our Fabulous Hotel in Leon

Photo Page 14 ~ Marketing in Leon

Photo Page 15 ~ Last Day in Leon and Home!

Photo Page 16 ~ Stories of People we met along the way!

Chuck and the Ometepe Volcano in Nicaragua!


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