Inside Cambodia: Banks & Money


Dealing with US Dollars & Riels

Riels and US Dollars are both used in Cambodia.

Prices are both in US Dollars and Riels. You can pay either in US Dollars or Riels or a mix of US Dollars and Riels.

If you pay in US dollars you may be given change back in either US Dollars (for the part greater than $1) and Riels (for the part less than $1). E.g. If you give a $5 bill to buy an item that cost $1.5 you will be given back $3 and the remaining in Riels.

2 exchange rates are used within a same transaction:

- 1 USD = 4200 Riels

- 1 USD = 4000 Riels

The rate applied is always to the benefit of the seller (as a tourist you are often the buyer).

An item costs $1. You can pay it in dollars or  with 4200 riels (1 USD = 4200 Riels).

An item costs $1.5. You give $2, the seller will give you back 2000 riels (1 USD = 4000 Riels).

An item costs 5000 Riels. If you pay in USD you will pay $1 + 1000 Riels (1 USD = 4000 Riels) 


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