Well this adventure started innocently as I was walking past the Yuerba Buena Gardens during the Philippine weekend celebration the summer of 2000 and I happened to see a booth about buying land in Baja. A woman started to talk to me, her name is Mina Schultz, and she gave me a brochure and invited me to a buffet dinner and presentation the next week in the City and I thought why not? The presentation was interesting and then they said they had a free weekend trip to view  the property and location in Baja on the Sea of Cortez.

I talked to some friends, Sheila and her husband Carlo and Serena, about going on the weekend trip. All wanted to go but finally only Sheila and I went as Carlo was studying his computer books and Serena is taking some courses at Berkley to further her global economics expertise.

We left early Saturday morning, October 31st, 2000, Carlos and Sheila picked me up around six AM and off to the Oakland Airport. We got to San Diego around 9:30 and found out the bus was late and would get there around 10:45. I saw a woman with some strange Chinese shoes and wondered if she was going to El Dorado Ranch. Her husband came over and I asked at the same time she asked if we were going to San Felipe.

We laughed and then Sheila came along and I went to introduce her to them and Sheila said, "Frank, is that you!" Excuse me! Well Sheila had worked with Frank several years ago at Wells Fargo! She even knew what Frank's wife looked like as he has shown Sheila a picture of Remy. So we had a good laugh and when the bus came, we four sat in the front going down and coming back, had a good time both ways!

The bus trip was tiring, five hours with four stops for border checks. I had never driven east of San Diego and could not believe how much rock there was there. If you like rock gardens this would be heaven! They played movies, along with tons of drinks and food. Everyone was friendly, half were Philippine, I laughed and said I was a minority! They said we would all be speaking Spanish so it wouldn't matter!

Check out the following link to view the statistics for Baja California!

We finally arrived around four in the afternoon at the El Dorado Ranch, a long day already! We immediately saw the sandy beach and wanted to test out the water! So off Sheila and I went to walk down to the beach to relax, very nice sand and water, very warm, around 80 degrees. Sheila got carried away from the beautiful scenery! I decided to relax as there are covered hammocks all over the beach! Checked out the pool where we had margaritas before eating. Sheila checked out the Jacuzzi for future reference!

Sandy Beach

Sheila and Chuck

Sheila Carried Away

Chuck Relaxing!

The Pool


Then our barbeque of beef and chicken and salad! Sheila and I and Remy ate while Remy's husband Frank, was making the deal of the century for a lot!


Sheila, Chuck and Remy

It was getting late, almost seven o'clock so off to town for a tour of San Felipe! We saw the new Weston, very nice, beautiful dining room and a new deep water harbor for yachts. Some wanted to go dancing at the Rockedile (Crocadile) but Sheila and I were so tired we went to bed around ten. We were told there was a cover charge and things didn't pick up until after midnight. Well we will have to do that next time we go down! Sunday we got up and had another tour of the town. This is a view of the mountains around the area and a great view of the beach from the hotel looking downtown.

Mountains Around San Felipe

A Drink on the Beach

The next morning we had a big breakfast and the beginning or our home and lot tour by our salesman, Richard.

Every house has a roof top terrace, a must, and great views of the mountains and Sea of Cortez. Cheapest lot was 82 by 100 feet and $17,000.00. If cash, $15,000.00. Very nice homes that were build for as little as $45,000, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and a living room, and beautiful court yards, plus another view of the court yard. A built in barbecue outlined in dark blue tiles. All the floors are in Mexican pavers, the kitchen counters are covered in beige tile and have accent tile around the splash board and sink areas. Some had gas a gas fire places but they are more for looks than anything else but still nice. Especially gas is so clean and no mess! Views from all the windows, mountains and the Sea of Cortez, so beautiful and blue.

Then back to the sales office where I had to check out the latest mode of travel, dune buggies, now wouldn't I look good in that?

Roof Top Terrace

How Big is that Lot for Sale Sheila Asked!

Court Yards

Another Court Yard View

Built in Barbecue

Kitchen Counters

Fire Places

Dune Buggies

Well it is getting late as you can see by the sunset so Sheila and I got on the bus to go back to San Diego and catch a flight back to San Francisco!

Late Evening

Sheila and Chuck after a Great Few Days in San Felipe!

We got back to San Diego an hour early so Sheila and I ran to the Southwest counter, people were all over! I was wearing my thongs (slippers is the name used by Asians as Sheila's husband informed me), red shorts and tank top. I never travel like that! We wanted to get our boarding passes for the 8:55 flight and the woman said they wouldn't give them as they were trying to get the 8:00 o'clock flight out. But she put us on standby and said to stand by the desk.

So guess what, we heard, Chuck Buntjer, party of two! Well we left Remy and Frank standing there. We got to Oakland by 9:30 instead of almost eleven, so nice. Sheila had called her husband with her cell phone so he was there. He said they had just announced that all the flight were going to be late, the 8:55 would come in at midnight so we really lucked out! Wonder if Frank and Remy are still standing there!

Sheila and I missed her husband and Serena not being with us but probably will go down next time. We had a wonderful time even if we were pooped after the weekend. Just the plane flight and no other expenses. I think we spent about $20 over the weekend, not bad for all we did!

PS: I did buy a lot there - one mile from the Sea of Cortez!

  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
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