Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Simple reminder  Yale University student Maya Yin Lin was only 21 when she won the national design competition with a memorial that is simplicity itself - two triangular black granite walls, each 75 meters (246 feet) long, set at a 120 degree angle and pointing towards the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.  At its apex, the walls rise to 3 meters (10 feet) and seen to overpower those who stand beneath them.  The names of heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country are placed chronologically: between 1959 and 1875 more than 58,000 were killed or reported missing in action.  It was the longest armed war in American history. 

A place to reflect  The polished surface reflects the sky, trees, nearby monuments, and the faces of visitors searching for the names of fathers, sons and loved ones. 

Washington Monument Reflected in the Wall!


Searching for a Name...

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