US Botanical Gardens

Green House

Orchid Display

Unique Colors

Exotic glasshouse  US explorers in the 19th century needed a place to conserve the specimens they brought home from the South Seas, so Congress authorized the first greenhouse in 1842.  The present 3,716 square meter (40,000 square foot) conservatory, an attractive combination of iron and glass greenhouse and stone orangeries, at the southwestern corner of Capitol Hill, was erected in 1931.  Following a four-year $33.5 million renovation, the Gardens are now home to more than 4,000 plants!

Flowers for all seasons  The main entrance hall serves as a seasonal gallery displaying by turns Christmas poinsettias, tulips, hyacinths, or chrysanthemums.  Not far away is a permanent planting of high desert flora as well as a steamy tropical exhibit in the large glass pavilion. In two smaller conservatories you see orchids, as well as coffee, chocolate, and banyan trees.  (The coffee plant was bearing fruit when we were there.)


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