Museum of American History

From the manuscript for the Star Spangled Banner and Judy Garland's ruby slippers to Duke Ellington's papers and inaugural ball-gowns of the First Ladies - here are objects that tell the story of the US.


All-American   Displays depict events and themes that define American life, such as "field to Factory," recounting how African-Americans migrated from the agricultural South to industrial cities of the North. "A More Perfect Union" contributes to the dialogue about the US Constitution, depicting the withdrawal of civil liberties from Japanese-Americans during World War 11.  


The largest exhibition, "The Information Age," showcases automated gear ranging from early telephones to robotics to high-definition television.  


"From Parlor to Politics" and "First Ladies: Political Role and Public Image" depict women's political impact.  


An exhibition on time marks the millennium, while expansive displays  on the Industrial Revolution and "Science in American Life" round out the offerings. 

I was sure I would be bored but... A very interesting Museum!

Many Displays and They are the Real Things!


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