Redecorating at Villa Buntjer - 2018.04.09

Upgrading the Living Room - Villa Buntjer

My neighbor found an old fashioned office lamp and decided to give it to me. I had to decided on whether to keep it as I have so much less 'stuff' now after cleaning out my apartment of most of the never or rarely used things over the last six years!

I put it on top of the computer cabinet in the bed room but there was a candlellabra on the top and the printer. Too much stuff so I wondered what to do. I hadn't revised my living room in a long time so decided to cut to the chase and actually do some rearranging.

I spent about three hours but I do like the results. Check out the new layout of my living room and the view!

The Movie Channel was on so I decided it was ment to be, a 20th Century Fox movie was playing and matched my Movie Posters!

View from the balcony!

View from the Kitchen.

The crystal vase and the wooden bowl from the Amazon River are on pedestals and were moved to the sides of the couch from the TV area!

This candellabra was brought into the living room from my bed room!
This candellabra stayed in the same place.

A view during the day time with the flowers on the balcony!

Geraniums, Succulents and Humming Birds and the View!

City lights at night, a great view every night!

My view of down town and the East Bay. The street in the middle is Market Street and most of the buildings to the right, south, have been built in the last ten or so years. The tallest one is 1,070 feet tall, Salesforce. Next to it is the 181 Fremont tower, 50 stories, bottom is a high end hotel, middle is office space for 2,000 or more Facebook employees and the top is high end condos, top floor, seven bedrooms and baths, 43 million dollars. Next and newly being built, will also be 50 stories and condos. To the right are 12 new apartments and condo buildings, 30 to 60 stories tall.

To the left of the Salesforce building will be another office tower around 700 or so feet tall, second tallest in the City. And another 50 plus tower to be built just to the right of Salesforce. The Salesforce building I believe, cost about 650 million dollars or so. Lots next to my place are selling for around 65 million dollars or more. They just announced they are opening up a 25 block area south of Market to build multiple towers at around 30 or so stories.

Twitter, Square, Uber and Eworks offices are just across the street from me! Lots of start ups and I just met some men who are working on self driving cars.

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