The pink nightie and me!

Here we are on the first night.  I got a call as I sat in the bathroom and wondered, who in hell knows me in Istanbul?  It was Barbara, whom I had met at the informal over view of our trip the first night at the hotel.  We only learned we were getting up at around six AM!  Anyway,  Barbara called to ask if I could come over to her and Helen's room to activate the air conditioner!  I said as soon as I left the bathroom!  She was surprised, a phone in the bathroom!  

Well while we were camping about, the two guys from Washington DC, Rene and Joe came out of their room and saw the door open and here I was, with Helen and her pink nightie.  I told Barbara we had to have a picture.  Not seen in this photo, was the exquisite shoes Helen was wearing.  They were paper slippers and very tacky but functional!  I had a good laugh about that, Helen didn't appreciate my humor! 

We did discover that the air conditioning never worked in any hotel so all the fiddling around I did was for naught!


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