The following photos are some of the ones I took while visiting my sister in Tucson.  I have been visiting her in Arizona for about 15 years.  If you haven't been to Tucson, check out some local spots for visiting when in Tucson!

The English name Tucson derives from the Spanish name of the city, Tucsón (tuk'son), which was borrowed from the O'odham name Cuk Ṣon, meaning "(at the) base of the black [hill]", a reference to an adjacent volcanic mountain. Tucson is sometimes referred to as "The Old Pueblo".



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Photo Title 01 - Flying Over San Francisco to Tucson

Photo Title 02 - Tucson Estates ~ 55 and Over

Photo Title 03 - Coyote "Pause" Cafe

Photo Title 04 - Rainbows and Sunsets

Photo Title 05 - Tucson Mineral & Gem World

Photo Title 06 - Gates Pass ~ Old Tucson & Western Movies

Photo Title 07 - Starr Ridge ~ Exclusive Homes

Photo Title 08 - Kitt Peak National Observatory

Photo Title 09 - Mt Lemmon ~ Over Looking Tucson

Photo Title 10 - Pima Air & Space Museum

Photo Title 11 - Mission-San-Xavier-del-Bac

Photo Title 12 - Arizona ~ Sonora Desert Outdoor Museum


Yvonne and Chuck


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