April 1999 - A Chance Meeting in Chile & Tierra del Fuego

Sometime in the beginning of 1999 I saw a good price for a cruise from the tip of Chile to Argentina through the Magellan Straits (Tierra del Fuego) and a tour through Patagonia.  I was excited and there was a great group of people on the tour.  A few nights after we sailed from Punta Arenas Chile the ship's Captain had a cocktail partChuck & Viviane in Moroccoy and dancing.  I saw someone that looked like she would like to dance so off I went, Mr. Personality.    I found out her name was Viviane and she informed me that she was busy, didn't dance and was chatting up the Captain.  I of course, was irritated.   So off I went and decided we were not going to be an item. 

A few days later we stopped at Puerto Williams and that evening a young boy asked if a few of us would like to go on a private tour with him.  I said yes and so did Viviane.  Well we had a great time checking out the beaver dams and woods and so on.   Then we finished the evening with drinks at the local pub owned by the young man's aunt.

A few days later the ship stopped by a mountain and one of the guides was a woman who said she had gone to Chuck - Tour GuideMonterey California to learn the science of Oceanographic and the oceans and heard Viviane and I were from California.  So she decided we could lead half the group while she took the other half down the coast.   I was in charge with Viviane following me with the others.   We hiked to the top of the mountain and crossed a waterfall and then down the other side, sliding in mud and fallen tree branches and so on.   We got back and the woman guide couldn't believe we had go to the top and across the falls and back down.   They all had a good laugh and named the falls of me, the 'Chuck's Falls'.

We ended up in Ushuaia Argentina and did a tour of Patagonia.  We also stopped at islands with breeding penguins and of course, walked along the base of huge glaciers.   Something always to be remembered!

So Viviane and I for some reason decided we were after all going to be friends.  That December she called and asked if I wanted to go to Vienna for the Millennium New Year?  Of course I said, so off we went for two weeks.   The next year we went to Morocco for the real Millennium New Year.  

Viviane decided to buy a Senior Residence and asked me to be an administrator and run the business when she had other duties to perform.   I took the classes and ended up with a certificate to be an Administrator, got a First Aide Certificate and of course, finger printed.  

Then I met a friend of Viviane's, Gail.  We hit it off and ended up doing trips and enjoying going around Los Angeles hot spots.   We took a cruise to the Netherlands and ended up eating at the Captain's table.   Later on we took a two week tour of Zambia and South Africa. 

Viviane eventually sold her house in Beverly Hills and moved to Austin Texas where I visited her in 2011.  Talk about a brief encounter that ended up as so far, a 12 year friendship.    Check out the montages of some of the things we did over the last 12 years.


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1999.04 - April - Chile & Argentina - Tierra del Fuego


1999.12 - December - Vienna - Millennium New Years

2000.03 - Beverly Hills Handy Man

2000.12 - December - Morocco - Real Millennium New Years

2002 - New Walt Disney Concert Hall

2002 - Getty Center Museum and Champagne Luncheon

2003.02.04 - Beverly Hills Hotel Luncheon & Union Station Luncheon

2003.06 - Astoria Senior Residence - Chuck's Administrative License

2003.12 - Xmas in Woodland Hills

2004.01.11 - Gail and Chuck in the Netherlands

2005.04 - Gail and Chuck at the Santa Anita Race Track

2005.06 - Gail and Chuck in Las Vegas and Champagne

2005.08 - Viviane and Chuck - King Tut at LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum

2006.02 - Gail and Chuck in Zambia and South Africa

2007.05 - Viviane and Chuck at Rodeo Drive

2007.11 - Viviane visiting San Francisco and a King Tut Cocktail with Gold Leaf

2007 - Xmas Dinner with Viviane and Cindy at Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

2008.05 - Astoria Classes and a Sail Plane ride in Reno

2008.10 - A private gallery showing of Mary Cassatt - LACMA's new modern art building.

2009.06 - Viviane's Beverly Hills House for Sale

2009.07 - Gail and Chuck doing the Napa and Sonoma Wine Train and Tours

2010.02.04 - Gail and Chuck in Vegas at the Bellagio, my 70th Birthday!

2011.05 - Viviane's move to Austin Texas


A Chance Meeting in Chile!




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