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My sister in Tucson always wanted to see Yosemite so she visited me in San Francisco in 2008 and we had a fantastic time.  Here we are at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.   This year she decided she always wanted to visit San Diego and the world famous zoo.   We will be staying at the Hampton Inn San Diego Downtown Hotel.  Check out the hotel and amenities on this link!

I also suggested a cruise to the tip of Baja along with the trip to San Diego as she had never been on a cruise ship.  I made reservations on July 29th with a travel agent named Paru at 1.800.797.4635 Ext: 148.  She was very helpful and suggested she give us a room close to the elevator as my sister uses a cane to get around. 

The room is on the Riviera Deck - 201 by the elevator for easy access to the decks and my Booking Code is 14LK69!  We will have the early dinner at 6:30 p.m. and there will be a buffet at midnight on the pool deck.  The ship leaves San Diego at 4:00 p.m. and she said we can get there around 1:00 p.m. to settle in and then go on deck as we sail out of San Diego and on to Cabo San Lucas.  A buffet will be set up for us as we leave the harbor and out into the Pacific Ocean!  Our documentation for the cruise may be accessed on this link. 



Total Staterooms - 1,021 - Decks - 10 - Passenger Capacity - 2,052 - Total Crew - 920 - Officer's Nationality - Italian - Ship Size - Large - Tonnage - 70,367 - Ship Length - 855 feet - Registry - Panama


I have been to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, Cancun and Merida in the Yucatan.  So Cabo San Lucas will be a new destination in Mexico for me!

You can read about the histories of San Diego and Baja California on these links and below the following link to the photos is a day by day description of our trip!


September 27, 2009

Chuck flies in from San Francisco and Yvonne from Tucson on Southwest to San Diego to be picked up by a friend, Valerie. 

We visited the Cemetery where my sister's husband is buried. 

Then off to the hotel and my sister took Valerie and me to dinner at Little Italy near our hotel.  Fantastic food!

September 28, 2009

We want to visit the world famous San Diego zoo today.  It was very hot, around 90 degrees or so and humid, not too happy for the animals as many just stayed inside.  We took the gondola over the park and could view the entire zoo and San Diego along with a cool breeze.  We also took a bus tour around the zoo and then took a taxi back to the air conditioned hotel for a nice cool drink and some cards!

Another friend, Alina was nice and drove us to Coronado Island and there we visited the world famous Hotel Del Coronado and later had dinner at a restaurant with great food and wine!

September 29, 2009

We visited the Midway Aircraft Carrier today. 

It is a huge ship and the volunteers are great and the ship has been renovated.  Not a spot of dirt any place. 

Then we took a bicycle rickshaw back to our hotel and played cards!

September 30, 2009

We decided today to take a boat tour of the south and north bay of San Diego.   We saw many huge carriers and some of the newest ships just built for the Navy.  Some were stealth built and others had new engines that saved fuel over their life span.

We took another rickshaw back to the hotel, this time it cost a lot less and it was a lot of fun!

October 01, 2009

Today we left the hotel and go to the Carnival Cruise Line and boarded the Elation for a four day cruise to Cabo San Lucas. 

There will be a buffet and drinks for the departure out of the harbor at four P.M.  

We had a nice lunch and then found a bottle of champagne in our room from our good friend Patti and a huge silver platter of snacks!  Then we dressed for dinner in our best.  Well the first night was casual so we decided not to dress the next night but heard it was the captains dinner so we dressed up again!

October 02, 2009

Today is a full day of cruising the Pacific and relaxing. 

Lots of rain and the ship swayed back and forth due to the heavy winds and one third of the guests were sea sick!  Not us!

We again had a nice dinner but half of our table was missing due to sea sickness!

October 03, 2009

We arrive in Cabo San Lucas and debark at nine A.M. on a tender.   It had been cloudy and raining but we were lucky, the sun came out!  We sailed to the end of the famous rock formations and then went for a nice lunch at a beach hotel.  Then back to the ship. 

Later we found out that the people that were still shopping on shore were caught in a terrible rain storm and almost couldn't get back onto the ship as the tenders were rocking up and down so far.  They said the women were screaming as the tender shifted up and down about four feet each way!  At that time we were napping so missed out on all the 'fun'

That night I went to a hypnotist show that was great!

October 04, 2009

This will be another day of sailing the Pacific and relaxing.  It started to rain again and the ship was swaying slightl

We met two women from Phoenix the day before and became friends. 

We invited them to a champagne cocktail hour and had a great time.  They told us they both went to the art auction, unaware the other one was there.  Tina bid on a painting, $495.00.  Reigh thought it was a great painting and then realized it was her partner bidding.  Reigh did win over $500.00 so I said they actually made out, the painting was free!

Later we decided not to go to the dining room and had a snack on the top deck and relaxed and watched the waves from the stern of the ship.  

October 05, 2009

And on the last day we disembarked and went through customs that only took about ten minutes!

The two women from Phoenix were kind and gave us a ride to the airport as they drove from Phoenix. 

So off to our flights back to San Francisco and Tucson. 

So all in all, an interesting trip needless to say!

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