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Buquebus Hydrofoil to Colonia and Photos of the Old City


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Leaving the water front of Buenos Aries, all new high rise condos!

Our super fast Buquebus to Colonia del Sacramento.

The fort was built by the Portuguese but the Spanish came in and destroyed it and rebuilt it to suit their needs plus erase the Portuguese influence.

This street was originally a prostitute lane, and it is still legal in Uruguay.

Take a leisurely ride by carriage.

Relaxing while overlooking the town.

Streets were very rough to walk on but so scenic!

Looking toward a cafe and church.

We loved the many types of stone and brick used to build the structures.

This was one of the older public buildings.

And a nice staircase inside.

One of the many parks.

Lots of outdoor dining!

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Created by Chuck Buntjer


Published on: 2009.11.15

     San Francisco


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