Well it is 2011 and I was going through some old photos and found some I took with my very old (now) film camera!   I had two weeks of a great time.   Puerto Vallarta was still a small town without the big buying rush after Night of the Iguana was filmed here in 1964 with Ava Gardner and Richard Burton. Elizabeth Taylor was with Burton at that time. I believe I saw a show on jewelery at the Legion of Honor in 2012 and there was Liz looking rather hefty and Burton's hand hovering over her with that famous emerald necklace and earings. She was all lathered up sitting by the pool with a cocktail and he put that sucker on her neck and she just smiled! Richard is so good to me!  

I am told now the town has gotten very busy and there are lots of condos for the tourists and retirees.   While there I met two older sisters from of all places, Sacramento California.  We became friends and they had a time share in a 20 story condo on the beach.  They invited me to dinner there on the veranda overlooking the ocean.  It was a very nice condo complex and the veranda had food, wines and hard liquor and of course, a maharishi band provided by the management.  We also went to the southern part of the town in the hills for a special dinner.  This was suppose to be the best restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and as the sun set, the lights of the city lit up the ocean. 

One thing I remember was one of the things to do was to do a parasail flight.  One stood on the beach and a motor boat pulled you into the water and then the parasail lifted you up and over the water.   Well a bunch of us were deciding if we should try the parasail and one young woman, a loud mouth but pretty, said she was going to do it.  We said we would watch and maybe, maybe try it after her flight.   Well she flew above us and gave us a nasty look and then after about 10 minutes the boat slowly came back to the beach as the parasail slowly came down to the beach.   She was told how to land but she gave us the look, then looked ahead and she went straight into a palm tree and broke her leg.  So the rest of the time we had to see and hear her moaning and then making out with all the cute men who all seemed to want to help her.  Get me a drink, get me lunch, get me on and on.  The rest of us decided not to try to sail away into the sky.

One morning we were warned not to go to the beach as there had been the end of a hurricane in the middle of the night!  The waves were very high and dangerous and sadly, the water was filled with sand so not so much fun to swim in.

I do remember on the last day I was sitting by the hotel pool and hadn't bought my favorite sister a gift.  One of the peddlers came by with hand made white cotton dresses and bought one for my sister who was living in Chicago.  She told me years later that she tried it on but there were spaces about three inches wide with little if any lace so she said it was rather racy unless something was worn under it!   I said at least I remembered to buy her something. 

So all in all, I had a great time and even if my photos are now 30 years old and I am adding them to my World Travels, at least they bring back good memories!



Mexicana Airlines

Overlooking the city with cobble stone streets.

A great hotel.

I loved the pool and the pool side bar.

My hotel was right downtown and this is looking north.

There were high end condos to the north of town.

More condos on the beach.

Looking south, looked like Sausalito to me!

Location of great restaurants and views.

Night of the Iguana - and notes on the back of the photo in my hand writing!

I also did some horse back riding.

A bar at the next hotel, a great place to relax and meet people.



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