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   Trip Planning

This year we did our second state trip to visit Filoli Manor & Gardens on the property. Last fall we stayed for a week in the Hearst Castle area, visiting the castle for two days and the rest checking out the ocean, the wineries and the food!

Virginia suggested we use her time share in southern Spain. I thought that was a great idea until we looked at the time share. It was in a big vacation type hotel with a pool in the center courtyard. The buildings were two or three stories tall and I figured maybe there would be a lot of children plus we were out of the way, miles from down town or places to visit. We would have to rent a car and try to drive miles away to see anything. I was not in the mood to go to a large resort with only a pool and not much to do if one doesn't want to sit by the pool all day. I would rather spend the time in Madrid or Barcelona. So Virginia called me up and told me she had made arrangements for using her timeshare. I hoped it was something I was interested in?

Viginia's Time Share!

So we decided for our third state trip we would setup one of Virginia's time shares in Point Arena where we could check out the locals and of course, the wineries!

Virginia Chuck at Hearst Castle

Virginia Chuck at Filoli Estate

Virginia Chuck at Point Arena

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   Brief History of Point Arena

Point Arenas - Created in 1850

Point Arenas was one of the original counties of California, created in 1850 at the time of statehood. Due to an initially minor white American population, it did not have a separate government until 1859 and was under the administration of Sonoma County prior to that. Some of the county's land was given to Sonoma County between 1850 and 1860.

The county derives its name from Cape Mendocino (most of which is actually located in adjacent Humboldt County), which was probably named in honor of either Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain, 1535–1542 (who sent the Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo Expedition to this coast in 1542), or Lorenzo Suárez de Mendoza, Viceroy from 1580 to 1583. Mendocino is the adjectival form of the family name of Mendoza.

Neither Spanish nor Mexican influence extended into Point Arenas beyond establishing two Mexican land grants in southern Point Arenas: Rancho Sanel in Hopland, in 1844 and Rancho Yokaya that forms the majority of the Ukiah Valley, in 1845.

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   Tourism on the Coast

The “south coast” offers many attractions for the outgoing adventurer. From wine tasting, fundraiser events, and the Arts, to all the natural beauty you can stand, Point Arena and Mendocino County has a lot to offer.

Things to do in Point Arena.......

   Directions to the Point Arena

We will drive north on US-101 and Highway 1 to Point Arena and Mendocino County.

Directions and a Map to Point Arena.......

   Lighthouse Point Resort Information

Dear Guest,

We are contacting you before your arrival to inform you about our late check in procedure, as well as events and information about the area/ Resort. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL OR CONTACT US at 707 882-2440, to CONFIRM YOU HAVE READ & RECEIVED THIS EMAIL. Lighthouse Point Resort

First things first, Directions: ***NOTE: Most GPS systems have our physical address incorrect; The GPS system will tell you we are located south of Point Arena when we are located a mile north of Point Arena. We are located at the beginning of Lighthouse road next to the Rollerville Café.

** If you are traveling from the South (San Francisco area), we recommend you take HWY 101 to Petaluma, once you arrive in Petaluma take Exit E Washington St., Turn left onto E Washington St, E Washington St. becomes Bodega Ave, Bodega Ave becomes Valley Ford Rd., Valley Ford Rd. becomes Highway 1 in Bodega Bay, Stay on HWY 1 North until you arrive to Point Arena, We are located a mile North of Point Arena at the beginning of Lighthouse Rd.

Lighthouse Point Resort Information.......

   View of San Francisco as we leave to drive north on US-101 to Mendocino County and Point Arena

This view of San Francisco and the Bay Area was taken from my apartment at Fox Plaza on the 28th floor, a fantastic view day or night, regardless of the weather! Leaving one great location to view another Great area of California, Point Arenas on the Pacific Ocean. The famous Red Wood trees and other unique sights!

Chuck's View of San Francisco


    Photos of Attractions in Mendocino County


Point Arena & Mendocino County    Point Arena & Mendocino County Point Arena & Mendocino County

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Point Arena & Mendocino County    Point Arena & Mendocino County Point Arena & Mendocino County

Description of Photos

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