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My Big 65th Birthday in New Orleans!


I decided to go to bed after midnight after seeing the Hermes parade as I had to get up by six am to catch the shuttle to go to the airport.  I thought, why not stop by the cocktail lounge in my hotel, the Queen and Crescent, for one last drink as it is my birthday.  Well at the bar was a newly married couple, he is in his late 50s, she is around my age.  And get this, they live in Santa Rosa, only 60 miles north of San Francisco.  They were talking to an ex service man and at a table were a group of young people.  

I said it was my birthday so they all sang to me and the cute woman bar tender said, "I am going to buy you drinks tonight, have a Hurricane!"  Hurricanes are mostly run and a very little fruit juice.  Well we all laughed, told jokes, drank and had a fabulous time.  I finally went to bed after three am but didn't sleep long as people on the street were screaming on the way to their hotels.  So after a few hours of sleeping, I got up and it was a long day.


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