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Some of the People I Met Along the Way!



Tuesday - Ancient Druids Parade.

This was taken on Tuesday evening where I had met two women.  One was a lawyer from Chicago and the other from Washington DC. They were driving around the country on a vacation and the one from DC said she was captain of a bowling team.  She wanted to get as many beads as possible to take back so she could have a bowling party and use the beads as a theme.  Well the three of us chased the floats and grabbed any beads we could get our hands on.  By the end of the parade we had almost three shopping bags of beads!   

Wednesday - Saturn & Muses Parades

I then walked all over the city again and then went to see the parade on St. Charles street.  There were two parades, the Saturn and the Muses.  I first met two couples that were retired and driving around in their mobile home.  

We had a lot of fun gossiping until I met a couple from Georgia and two young women and a man who were locals.  We had a great time and after the parade, the Georgia couple and I went to the local bar/restaurant and had dinner and drinks.  

Friday - D'etat & Mermes Parades

I met a couple from Medford Oregon and we had a great time fighting the crowds and trying to get the 'best' beads.  The wife and I kept the parade route busy while her husband was busy picking up the loose beads that fell against the walls of the buildings.  He was very nice and got us a beer as we were very thirsty with all our begging to the men on the floats, "Please throw us the Big beads!"   There were two parades that evening, the D'etat parade and the Hermes parade.  The Hermes had 600 members and 27 floats and they included neon lighting to make the floats some of the most memorable of the week!


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