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Page 01 - Champagne in San Francisco

Page 02 - Golden Gate and the Viansa Winery

Page 03 - Gloria Ferrer Winery - Largest Sparkling Wine Producer in the World!

Page 04 - Domaine Carneros - Winery built in the Louis 14th Fashion!

Page 05 - Napa Hilton Garden Inn and Pool

Page 06 - Napa Valley Wine Train and Wine Tasting

Page 07 - Snacks and Champagne in the Train's Lounge

Page 08 - The Dining Car

Page 09 - Iron Horse Winery - Wine to the White House since 1980!

Page 10 - Korbel Winery and Fantastic Grounds!

Page 11 - Last Dinner and Last bottle of Gloria Ferrer Champagne!

Page 12 - Cocktails Around the World


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