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Read about Freeport and Polo Illinois!



This hotel, (at the end of the street) in Freeport originally was leased by our aunt and uncle Tony and Liz Agiou almost 40 years ago.  Next to it was another hotel, now destroyed, which was called the Freeport Hotel that they owned out right.

We used to visit there on Saturdays from the farm and thought we were 'hot' stuff having relatives in town with big hotels.  We would have lunch there.  30 years later we ate there again in the 1980s and suddenly had to laugh at ourselves thinking we were sooooo sophisticated!

The hotel is currently under going a major refurbishing and added conference rooms, hopefully this will help jobs in the area.

Note:  We stopped one evening for a drink, I ordered a dry martini up.  The bar tender looked strange and suddenly was on the cell phone.  I was kidding when I told my sister he was asking how to make it.  She laughed, he said - "I just called my wife and asked her how to make a dry martini!"  My sister said, "We are in Freeport Illinois brother!"  



This is Polo where I went to High School and graduated in 1958!  There was a big park outside of town and a drive in movie.  We used to go roller skating in a huge rink by the park.  It was great, on two sides, the big doors like garage doors opened up so in the warm weather, cars could park and watch us skate plus the fresh air.  There was an organ and organist from town who played live music many nights of the week. On weekends there was a special on Saturday night, skating after midnight!  We thought we were 'hot' stuff. 

One of my first cars was a Nash Ambassador, those big four door cars and the front seats went down so it was like a big bed.  We used to go to the drive in and stay up on the weekends when they had the midnight movies until four AM!  I would get about six of us in the car and we would laugh and carry on all night!  Some times the windows were so steamed up we couldn't see out, or anyone see in!

I had a new 1959 Buick, a two door hard top and lots of great cloths, suits and so on.  Well in High School many looked down on me and others as we lived on 'the' farm.  It used to irritate me until I realized one day, I had a new car, a beautiful house, big TV, and a fantastic looking girl friend!  So then I figured, screw them!

I ended up in San Francisco and eventually became a consultant in the computer industry and a world traveler.  So goes life!