One day in Hong Kong I decided to take a day trip to Macau, an outpost of Portugal. I was going to take the hover craft to Macau and was told to wait at seven a.m. at  a certain spot in the lobby to be picked up to be driven to the harbor.

The lobby seemed as large as a football field and was almost completely empty. Suddenly a Chinese woman about 75 years of age came along and stood right next to me and kind of shoved me. Well, I thought, what's with her. I kind of pushed back and she got even closer. 

Those pushy Chinese!

She finally looked at me and asked, "Is this the spot where I can get picked up to go to Macua?" I said, "Yes!"

She then said, "Where do you live?"

I was smart, 'Twin Peaks'! So much for that conversation.

She said, "No kidding, I live in an apartment on 'Diamond Heights' on the next hill and I probably can see your house from my bedroom window!" We both cracked up, had a hug and decided we had to stick together for the rest of the day as we were neighbors.

As we left for the harbor two of her granddaughters came along and had to laugh as they didn't have dates but their grandmother obviously did! A great time was had by all.

Kowloon to Macau on a Hover Craft in a Monsoon!

Ticket from my hotel.

Hover Craft!

Terrible wind and rain!

I sat in the front and the spray hit the windows from the hover craft!

View of Macau andthe Gambling Casinos

Over looking the city and harbor.

The Hong Kong Wives come here to gamble every day!

Old and New Buildings in Macau


High Rise with Bamboo Scaffolding

Deserted Buildings

Buddist Temple



Ruins of a Catholic Cathedral

Facade Chuck on the Steps! Close up of the Entrance

Different Types of Buildings in Macau

Side Street

Entrance to the Cathedral and Shops Colonial Building

  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
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