Chuck Buntjer on the Cover of Life Magazine ~ 1946


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Photo Title 01  - Chuck on Cover of the 1946 Life Magazine

Photo Title 02 - District #92 One Room School near Pecatonica Illinois

Photo Title 03 - One Room School Study "Hall" Period

Photo Title 04 - The entire Student Body - A Photo after Life Magazine left us.

Photo Title 05 - Photo of the Class when I was in Second Grade

Photo Title 06 - Chuck and the Pledge of Allegiances to the Flag

Photo Title 07 - How Big is the Easter Bunnies Tail?

Photo Title 08 - Lessons

Photo Title 09 - Getting to School by Biking, Walking and by Horse Back!

Photo Title 10 - Out Door Recess!

Photo Title 11 - Chuck's thoughts on the One Room School

Photo Title 12 - Alice Ackerman's 1918 History of the One Room School

Photo Title 13 - My sister's Remembrance on the school from 1942 to 1946

Photo Title 14 - Freeport Journal Article - 2008

Photo Title 15  - A Photo from the Life Magazine Archives found by Jeff

Photo Title 16  - A Letter to a Pen Pal in Holland - 1953

Photo Title 17  - Chuck - 66 Years Later


Yvonne, Chuck and our Mother Edna - 1940

Chuck in 2012


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