Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA Closing after 100 Years!

The Central YMCA has been a fixture on Golden Gate since before the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco and now is closing much to all the members sadness!   The current YMCA was built shortly after the 1906 earthquake by donations mainly from New York city.

Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA

Chuck - On his favorite Treadmill!

Every month the YMCA prints the work out totals for the members. 

Since this was the last time it would ever happen at this YMCA and it was the last day of the month, Karma decided to do it up right and made the very nice sign with the male/female icons. 

John and I put the placard together for Karma after she did the nice printing. 

We then of course, had to have our photos taken with our handy work!

As usual, a man on the treadmill was checkout out what we were doing and figured, "Oh, it is those two again!" 

We don't care as we always enjoy ourselves.

We hope that the Embarcadero YMCA will be as much fun but we doubt it as Karma will be working the afternoon shift.


Chuck and John - Last day on the Fifth Floor work out area!

Karma, such a Hostess & Our favorite Wellness Coach!

There was a large turnout for the final day of the Central YMCA!

Richard and Barbara - The Ping Pong Champions!

Our Russian friends, she is in her mid 80s, we should all look that good!

My good friend Temo - So cute and so nice!

Marc & Wayne - Marc is artistic like I am!

Barbara & Charlie - Charlie and I go to the Theatre together!

John and Kyoko - Two live wires in the Senior Center!

Another Wellness Coach!

Our water aerobics instructor - Vickie!

Penny in the middle - She is head of the Membership Division now!

Dru is moving to Austin to pursue his musical dreams!

Robert is the co-coordinator of events - a good job was done by him!

The last farewell from Chuck and Karma!

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