B ellagio Las Vegas - Five Star Hotel:   Contentment and opulence are the hallmarks of your Bellagio luxury hotel experience. A retreat unto themselves, the 3,933 Guest Rooms and Suites are an extension of our AAA Five Diamond Award-winning Las Vegas hotel.
Jubilee ® - Ballys show room:  A two hour extravaganza with 80 men and women creating a Ziegfeld Follies show!

Cirque du Soleil ® - Bellagio show room:  Written and Directed by Franco Dragone.  This presentation weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance in the timeless production, "O™." The international cast of world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and characters perform in, on, and above water to create a breathtaking experience in a magnificent theatre reminiscent of a European opera house.

Here I am with Gail in the Netherlands on April 11th, 2004 having dinner and champagne on a Uniworld cruise around the entire country.  We even had dinner at the Captain's table which was a complete surprise to me!   Only about ten people out of the entire ship ate at the Captains table as there was only one night on the entire cruise that this happened! 

Chuck's Las Vegas Birthday

Then we went to Las Vegas to see the Celine Dion show at Caesar's Palace in 2005 and also spent a day later in the year at the famous Venice Beach with a great champagne brunch! 

Next we flew from Paris to Johannesburg and on to Victoria Falls in Zambia in 2006 and then spent over a week driving around South Africa

And in 2009 Gail drove up to San Francisco from Los Angeles and we toured the wine country in Napa and Sonoma!

Chuck's Las Vegas Birthday

We originally were going to Puerto Rico on an eight day cruise this year to celebrate my 70th birthday but found out it was going to cost as much as the two week trip in South America that I had just completed in the fall of 2010 where I visited Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay!   There I visited Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Iguaçu Falls, Buenos Aries in Argentina and finally Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay for two weeks and included the following:  flights, meals, tour guides and so on for around $2,000.00.  I didn't feel like spending almost the same amount of money just to visit each island for six hours or so!   That isn't any way to actually see an island or country!

So we thought perhaps, a trip to Las Vegas in 2010 and a show to celebrate my big 70th birthday! 

December 26, 2010:  I just got an e-mail from Gail stating the following, "I made a room reservation for Wednesday and Thursday nights - February 3rd and 4th.  $180.41 per night/2=$90.20 each per night. Two queen beds.   "O" reservation the 4th at 10 p.m. - my birthday!   Upper orchestra, center section.  Tickets $147.50 each with discount.  Prices include taxes.  Seating chart is at the Bellagio website."    I asked her if we could perhaps go on the 2nd so we had an extra day to sight see and she agreed, great minds think alike she said!


  Flying to Las Vegas - Checking in at the Bellagio

Day 1:  Chuck's Las Vegas Birthday I leave San Francisco on South West Airlines to Las Vegas to meet Gail, flying in from Los Angeles.

We have reservations at the grand Bellagio Hotel for three nights!  Gail wrote and told me her airline itinerary and I made reservations to match the time she arrives in Las Vegas.  She gets there around 12:30 and I get there around 12:40, so close!  Well my plane was coming in and suddenly below me, another Southwest plane flew by and did a giant curve into the airport, I got off and went to check on Gail's plane and suddenly I heard, Hey sweetie, want a pickup?  I jumped and we had a good laugh.  My plane followed hers into the airport, we were about 200 feet behind her plane!

We checked in, had a champagne lunch and proceeded to go to the Paris Casino/Hotel and there we signed up for a condo buy in the next morning.  Two hours and two $150 tickets to see Jubilee at Ballys.  Such a deal.  Then we had more cocktails at the lounges at the Bellagio and finally to bed.


Bellagio Hotel Checkin
Chuck's Las Vegas Birthday

Bellagio Hotel - Five Star

Great Room Service

Fantastic Bathrooms

Lunch at the Cafe Bellagio!


Bellagio Lobby - Celebrating Chinese New Years

Chihuly Glass Blown Ceiling!

A Huge Horse Covered in Mirrored Glass

Confucius I Believe!

Mechanical Lion


Bellagio Piano Bar

Bellagio's Piano Bar

Our First Evenings Champagne!


  Cruise the Strip & See Jubilee a Ziegfeld Follies Show

Day 2:  Today we get to cruise around the strip and sight see.  We also would like to see if the new eight billion dollar City Center will be open to check out.  It is the most expensive private project in the history of the country.  

We actually went first to the condo buy in for two hours and then got the basically free tickets to see Jubilee, a fantastic Ziegfeld Follies type show.  Then we walked down the Vegas strip and had champagne at  a Hawaiian cafe and then went to eat at Pinks for their great sausages.

That night we went to see Jubilee and it was fantastic. 

And of course, afterwards we went out for more champagne and then went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to view Vegas at night.  The view is great and we also got to see the Bellagio fountains from the 55th floor of the tower.

Walking the Vegas Strip!

Two Champagnes for the Price of One!

The New 8 Billion Dollar City Center Behind Me

I Hadn't Heard of Pinks so Gail Bought Me a Huge Polish Sausage!

Happy after Champagne and Sausages!

Jubilee at the Ballys Show Room - A Ziegfeld Follies Extravaganza

A Moving Walkway into Ballys Casino

Jubilee Marquee!

We Had Dinner in the Paris Casino Before the Show

Our Usual Champagne Before the Show & After the Show!

Our Jubilee Ticket!

And Our Special Rate Ticket for the Eiffel Tower - Such a Deal!

View From the Top of the Eiffel Tower - Paris Casino Resort

55 Stories High - Taller than the Real Eiffel Tower!

Walkway to the Elevator

View of the Strip!

Caesars Palace- We Stayed There on Our Last Trip to Vegas in 2005!

Bellagio Fountains from the Top of the Eiffel Tower

The Bellagio Fountain From the Eiffel Tower

The Bellagio Fountain

Bellagio Fountains from the Street Level

A Close Up of the Bellagio Fountains After Leaving the Paris Casino

  Sight Seeing - Bellgio Birthday Dinner and Cirque du Soleil

Day 3:  First Gail said she will take me to a steak dinner at a special place and we will see if the steak is as good as the one we had in San Francisco when she visited me last fall and we did Napa and Sonoma and took the Wine Train!   Tonight we get to see the great Cirque du Soleil production of 'O'.  

In the morning we toured the new City Center and then took a nap!  Then we dressed and went to the Bellagio Prime Steak house, the best in Vegas and we had VIP seating due to my birthday.   Champagne, a steak, baked potato and then the Bellagio made me a special cake filled with hot chocolate and a side of vanilla ice cream.   We loved it.

Then we went to see the Cirque du Soleil and it was also fantastic.  By that time it was midnight and we decided to call it a day.

Eight Billion Dollar City Center - Associated with MGM

Aria Hotel & Casino

Entrance to the Aria

Vdara Hotel - Non Smoking!

Tram between the Bellagio, City Center & the Monte Carlo.

Entrance to the Crystals Shopping Center

The Harmon Place

Tram Coming From the City Center & the Monte Carlo.

Tram entering the Bellagio Station.

Chuck's Birthday Dinner at the Bellagio's Prime Steak House

We Had VIP Seating Over Looking the Fountain due to my Birthday!

As Usual - Our Champagne!

Cirque du Soleil ® - Bellagio show room

After we had dinner at the Prime Steak House in the Bellagio, we went to see: Cirque du Soleil ® - Bellagio show room:  

Written and Directed by Franco Dragone.  This presentation weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance in the timeless production, "O™."

The international cast of world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and characters perform in, on, and above water to create a breathtaking experience in a magnificent theatre reminiscent of a European opera house.

And of course, after the Cirque du Soleil show, we went back to the Paris Casino/Hotel for more champagne!


One of Many Champagnes during our stay in Las Vegas!

  Breakfast at the Monte Carlo & the Leaning Veer East/West Condominiums - Shops Galore

Day 4:  We decided to take the electric tram to the City Center to check out the new Crystals Retail and Entertainment center.

The electric tram is so futuristic and we loved it. More cities need to look into this type of transportation.

It is great and we decided everything else would look rather old comparison to the new building techniques!


Breakfast at the Monte Carlo & the Leaning Veer East/West Condominiums


My Wellness Coach Karma suggested Breakfast at the Monte Carlo Cafe!

Check out the Waffles - The Best in Vegas!

The Aria Hotel/Casino and the Veer West Tower!

The East and West Veer Condo Towers

A Ten Story Lobby!

Chuck Checking out the Veer Condominiums!

The Fabulous Crystals - Retail & Entertainment


Entrance to Crystals with the Mandarin Hotel behind it.

Huge Mall

The Newest in Shopping!

Wood was Used Through Out the Mall.

Close up of the Cafe!

Lights and Water

All High Toned Shops!

Roberto Cavalli - Check out the Door Handles - Snakes!

  Last Day - Breakfast at the Bellagio & Fountains

Day 5:  We woke up and decided to have breakfast before going to the airport at the Ballagio!

We went back to meet the shuttle to take us to the airport and low and behold, just before noon the fountains were activated so we went outside to take our last photos of the fountains before flying home.

And finally a flight back to San Francisco after a busy few days in Las Vegas celebrating my birthday!  My flight back arrives in San Francisco around 4:10 and Gail gets in to LAX around 3:50.

We were lucky as it was suppose to rain the week we were there but it was sunny and about 60 degrees!


Last Morning & the Bellagio Fountains


The Fountains Started Up Around Noon as We Left Vegas!

The Fountains in Front of the Paris Casino/Hotel!

A Nice Way to End the Trip!

Ready to Board the Shuttle to the Airport!

Ready to Board the Southwest Flight to San Francisco!

Returning to San Francisco and Chuck's View!

  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
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