There are four places I always wanted to visit, France, Egypt, Peru, and Italy. I now have achieved this goal and am looking forward to seeing many other sights.

Italy is fantastic. I was surprised as I checked the map, finding out that San Francisco is on the same longitude as Northern Sicily. I also found the geographical statistics very interesting. For some reason I thought we weren't that far south of Rome. As a matter of fact, when I went to Peru, Lima which is on the west coast of South America, is directly south of Miami!

Looking out of my hotel window, I was surprised at how much the landscape looks like California along with the plants, many succulents and other varieties that love the same climate. Even though California has a great Spanish history, I couldn't help but be struck at how we had taken the best of Spanish and Italian and turned them into a California style. Along with the French influence of beautiful interiors, a wonderful place to live!

This is one of the few places I didn't have a camera. A friend gave me his camera case because he thought my camera should have extra protection!  Yeah, sure. Well I parked my car in the garage and got on the plane. As we took off I realized I had left the dumb camera case and camera on the front seat of the car. Don't ask me why. Anyway, I was going to buy a camera in Italy but once there, we were so busy and I had such a good time I decided it was more fun to see everything in detail rather than taking pictures all of the time. Too much art to see in real time, not in pictures!

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