Beverly Hills House Boy & Gardener

In April of 1999 I decided to take a cruise from Chile to Argentina through the Straits of Magellan. On that trip I ended up being friends with Viviane, who then Beverly Hills Gardener Beverly Hills Lunch lived in Beverly Hills. In 1999/2000 we went to Vienna and Budapest for the Millenium New Year and the next year to Morocco for the real new years party in 2000/2001!

Viviane then decided to buy a senior residence and asked me to get an administrator's license to run a facility. After lots of studying and taking the California State licensing test, I ended up having the administrative diploma and would travel to LA three or four times a year while Viviane went on business trips or vacations. She took extra time to be with me and we would do local tourist things such as lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel, visit the Getty Museum and the LA County Museum plus local events for music and other venues.

Her house had a big backyard with a deck, a hot tube and huge palm tree with a table for outdoor dining. There was a wall and behind it a hill about 50 feet high, very steep and dangerous. Viviane would send me up there to pull weed, move plants and eventually cut out terraces for planting. I also helped out inside the house if needed. Here I am doing yard work in March of 2000 after our Morocco trip!

I was looking very butch and tan, wearing my shorts and no shirt, digging away on new terraces. I saw Viviane having a good laugh. I wondered what was up?

She said the neigbors were probably wondering why she had the only 'white boy' doing her gardening in Beverly Hills when everyone else had a Latino! I wondered if the neighbors or people driving by would think that and guess what, I was fine with that!

LIttle did I know growing up on a farm in northern Illinois, I would end up in Beverly Hills putting my farm experience to good use!

San Francisco House Boy & Gardener

In 2008 I met Virgiinia at the senior center of the Central YMCA of San Francisco. As time went by we became closer and decided to see if we would make San Francisco Garden San Francisco Garden good traveling companions. We went to Ireland for two weeks in 2014 and had a great time, sight seeing and lots of cocktails! We eventually went to Jamaica, Indonesia, Singapore, Sicily, Algeria and Spain plus local trips to places such as Hearst Castle and the Filoli Estate. At the end of 2018 we will go to Switzerland and a cruise on the Rhine through Germany, ending up in the Netherlands!

Virginia has taken thousands of photos and has them on thumb drives or camera chips. They are all taken in very high definition and are mixed in with other dates. She has Chrome software as her interface and I do not like it, I have a very hard time using it. I told her to get Microsoft and use their interfaces to manage photos. She was not amused, just bought the computer and the salesman sold her a bill of goods, or bads!

I spent about four hours making folders and moving photos into the specific folder for each trip or personnal photos. Evenutally I had enough of transferring photos and deleting multiple ones and wanted to take a break in the back yard.

Virginia gave me a split of champange, my favorite and strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar, such a treat. She said the garden needed watering and I love to garden so off I went, champagne in one hand and the hose in the other. I told Virginia the story about my gardening in Beverly Hills and the comments made by Viviane.

Virginia looked at me and suddenly said, "So Viviane got the tan, cute hunk house boy and gardener and I get the old, fat, ugly house boy and gardener?" I sat there for a while and then said the following: "You are lucky to have me for your House Boy and Gardener!"

Virginia thought for a second and said, "Yes, I am lucky to have you as a House Boy and Gardener!" And that was the correct answer to my question. We laughed and talked about our next trip to Point Arena and Mendocino County about 200 miles north of the City. We plan to take a time share for a week to check out the local sight seeing venues and wineries.

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