Keukenhof Bulb Gardens

One of the highlights of every cruise during tulip time is an excursion to the Keukenhof Bulb Gardens.  This is the largest floral bulb display in the world.  We were told there are over a million and a half bulbs planted for this less than two month viewing!  We were lucky as it rained and sleeted the week before we got to the Netherlands.  The day we landed in Amsterdam on Sunday, it turned sunny and about 15 degrees - Celsius, then on Friday, it turned 20 degrees, 70 Fahrenheit, and the flowers were perfect!  Talk about being lucky!
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Tulip Field Red & White Multi Colors Woods Dig It! Stream Gail! Reds Reds & Whites Star Shaped
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Yin & Yang Yellows Pink! Tulip Towers Pink & Blue Whites Bright Red! Swans Lake Flower Shop


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