Personnal Stories of Hearst Castle Parties

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Hearst had private cars on a train in Los Angeles and would have everyone who was invited to drive to the train for an evening ride to the castle overnight. It is about a 200 mile trip from Los Angeles. The twins said they would get on the train but the window shades were down until they left the station. It was at the height of the depression and there were many homeless in the train yards and they said in the cars were tables set up with all kinds of food and drinks such as caviar and champagne. So Hearst didn’t want anyone to see inside the cars and the richly dressed up guests and the food.

You probably have heard of the Neptune Pool overlooking the valley and Pacific Ocean. It is magnificent, roman style with beautiful hand crafted tiles and columns. The men said in the afternoon there would be cocktail parties by the pool. They said there were twins, young women with very blond hair, who would come out after most everyone was already having cocktails, waltz out in full length mink coats, stand by their lounge chairs and slowly open and drop the mink coats onto the floor, kick the coats away and lie down in their skimpy bathing suits with hands out for a glass of champagne. They, of course, were a big hit!

Also interesting, the men said that Hearst and his mistress had their bedroom but when movie stars like Clark Gable and Carol Lombard came to the ‘ranch’ before being married, they had to have separate rooms! Of course no one was sure if they stayed in their rooms!

So these two men had many stories and we kept telling them to write a book about early Hollywood and the happenings and people that made Hollywood what it was in the 1920s and 1930s. After a few years the twins disappeared and no one know what became of them.

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