A story about our guide Carlos!

Carlos was especially very nice to Kaye and the other women and then he had to ask me why the women liked me so much better, what was my secret!  Excuse me! 

He tried to act like he was with Kaye in her room at the Pension Bonifaz! Kaye said she kept singing; ”Is that all there is”! I told her I heard her singing; as her room was next to mine!  We all laughed about that at the hotel the next morning!

We were kidding each other on the bus and then we stopped for a nice lunch at a restaurant with a thatched roof. The ‘men’ decided to go to the bathroom and Carlos was in a stall. The urinals were full and Robert and I were waiting to use either the stall or the urinal while Bernard was busy at one of the urinals. We heard grunting from the one stall, it was Carlos. Suddenly the door opened and there was Carlos, standing with his pants around his ankles. He just stood there and Robert and I just looked. My eyes flew open wide and I thought, excuse me!

Later on the bus Carlos make some snide remark about my stomach and I said I at least, didn’t have to open the door on the stall in order to reach my pants to pull them up! Carlos wasn’t sure what to say so he made a comment about how I looked at him.  I adroitly said, yes, Kaye was correct, “Is that all there is”?  Even Robert agreed and said we both wondered why he had to open the stall door for all to see. Bernard, of course said, “I missed seeing anything since my back was to him!” It was probably just as well for Bernard!  By then Carlos had to explain that there wasn’t room enough to bend over to pull up his pants so he had to have the ‘open’ door policy!

We all had a good laugh about that experience and Carlos decided to serenade us with a song even if we weren’t ready for one!


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