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The Olympic Airline trip to Cairo was the worst flight I have ever taken.  Check out my web site for the information.  After having a lay over for almost 24 hours, ten spent in a hotel in Manhattan, then a horrible flight to Athens where we were told we were having at least another ten hour lay over.  We threw a fit and told them to get us a bus and hotel or else!  Well they did and as soon as we got to the hotel, four of us rented a cab and spent the day touring the city and spent most of the time on the Acropolis!  A fantastic day, no smog and great photos!  Weren't we lucky.  Finally another plane ride to Cairo and on to Karnack.  


Photo Page 01 ~ Hotel in Athens

Photo Page 02 ~ Approach to the Parthenon

Photo Page 03 ~ Theatre - Parthenon

Photo Page 04 ~ Parthenon & Scaffolding

Photo Page 05 ~ Acropolis & View of Athens


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