The Loire Valley

We left Paris and went to Versailles which is spectacular and then to Chart and the cathedral. Down to the Loire Valley and Chamborg and Chenonceau , a fantastic chateaux along with a very interesting history! I didn't realize that the famous circular staircase in Chamborg was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci who was buried in France, just picked up that information from reading a book on Châteaux's of the Loire. So much history, so little time!  Then to Mont. St. Michel, a monastery built on a rock that becomes an island everyday as the tide come in. One thing that was especially nice was the fact that it was spring and the fresh fruit was just being harvested. Every where they were making torts with fresh fruit toppings and ever time we saw a bakery along the way we would all yell, "Arreste the bus!" After a while the bus driver just stopped when he saw a patisserie. One day about five of us were walking down a side street in a little village and a woman asked us where we were from. California of course. She asked us if we would come in and have tea and fresh torts she had just made with her mother in the back living room. She must have been at least 90 years old and couldn't speak English but loved just having us there. The guide said it was very strange for tourists to be invited into a private house like that. We didn't know any better!

Another story I must tell is as follows: I was using hair spray at that time and was running out of this most important item and of all places, in France where you must look good at all costs! I discreetly left the group and found a drug store. It looked like it was out of the past. The druggist was in his 80's at least and he watched me as I stood there looking at the shelves for hair spray. How difficult could this be? He sent his assistant, a girl about 18 to help me. I being knowledgeable said something like, les chevaux, no response, said it again, pointed at my hair and went, "Poof" or "Spray" or what ever. She looked at me like I was crazy and finally the old druggist shook his head and leaned over the counter with a bottle and said 5 francs. I just took it and left. Everyone laughed and one woman on the trip said no wonder that poor girl was confused, I probably kept saying the word for horse, not hair and she thought I really was nuts. A horse on head and poof, poof, poof!

We also saw where poor Joan of Arc was burned on the cross by those wicked church men and the king. What jerks. Also where Leonardo Da'Vinci was buried, so much history.

Anyway, another fabulous vacation and as far as I could tell, everyone loved everything in France.


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