Villa Buntjer Decor from 1995 to 2014 - Updated 2015

My living room and bedroom at the Fox Plaza Tower have fantastic views of San Francisco and the surrounding bay area! Farther on are photos of my apartment being updated with new wood flooring by the building management!



Living Room

Bedroom & Masks from around the World!

Six by 26 Foot Balcony & Flowers.

The View from my Apartment Balcony at night!

Essex Fox Plaza - Apartment Floors Updated - 2014.11.26

They just did a complete remodel of my bathroom and after 40 years, replaced most of my carpets with wood flooring. I had them leave the carpet in the Living Room and in the Bed Room. The carpet is in bad shape after all those years but the owners told me they will also have someone come in and shampoo the carpets that I had them leave - I like a carpet in the Bed Room and Living Room area. Then with a new bath room and new floors, I am ready for another 20 years of living in the center of the City!

Apartment Entrance - Bad Carpet

Apartment Entrance - New Wood Flooring!

Bed Room Hall Way - Bad Carpet

Bed Room Hall Way - Wood Flooring

Entrance to Living Room - Bad Carpet

Entrance to Living Room - Wood Flooring

Looking from the Kitchen to the Living Room

Night Photo of the Living Room!

Chuck's Living Room with New Flooring.

Essex Fox Plaza decided to redo the entire hall ways in the building, painting the walls and ceilings, painting the doors in a dark blue, putting in new carpeting and new light fixtures.

Redecorated Hall Ways.

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