Numbering System

Please note the way the Egyptians recorded numbers because as you travel among the ruins you will see on many temple walls a listing of the months, days of the months and the type and number of offerings given to the temple or god for each day of that month. This makes Egytian history come alive because even if you can't read heiroglyphics, you can make out the days and numbers and some times even the offering. There might be an image of an ox, geese, breads or wine jugs which are easy to pick out. Ask you guide about this when visiting the temples and once you have a visual representation in front of you, you suddenly feel like a time traveler living in ancient Egypt and not the present. I know one day we were wondering off by ourselves and saw an object like a sissors and called to the guide and he said this type of cutter is still used all around the world in farming communities.



Those Nasty Fractions



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