Here I am in Egypt and it truly is a land of wonders! It is especially true if you are interested in history and its affect on our daily lives. Please review the map for the topography and the geographical statistics for Egypt.  


Click on this link to view many of the photos I took while touring Egypt!

One day in front of Queen "Pharaoh", Hatshepsut's mortuary temple I happened to say, "It's interesting that this temple has square columns and also round ones just like the Greek temples!"  The guide looked at me like I was a fool and said, "Whom do you think the Greeks copied all of the basic building forms from?" After doing some research on Greece I found ancient travelers that visited Egypt in at least 500 BCE thought the architecture was fantastic and should be used as a guide in creating Greek architecture! At that time this temple was already a thousand years old and the pyramids were two thousand years old!

See "The Age of Pyramids" for a listing of the Dynasties, Pharaohs, dates, and specifications for many of the pyramids.

Read on if you if want to hear about the exciting flight over to and back from Cairo on Olympic Airlines! It was irritating and exciting all at the same time!

Read on for more details on different places I visited and experiences I had in Egypt:


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