Costa Rica Photos ~ 2005.10.03 to the 12th

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  1. The Britt Coffee Plantation is located just outside of San Jose in Herredia

  2. Barbara said the town of Sarchi was famous for the painted wagons.

  3. Fanciful trimmed shrubs in the town of Zacero.

  4. Driving into Arenal and the volcano erupting!

  5. Foliage around the hotel in Arenal.

  6. This magnificent water fall was only a few kilometers away from the hotel!

  7. Boys swimming in the rapids with fantastic rock formations!

  8. Interesting road side views on the way to Monteverde - cattle and horses!

  9. Monteverde Cloud Forest and Barbara on the suspension bridge over a deep gorge!

  10. Monteverde Cloud Forest ranger and his golden beetle. 

  11. Driving from Monteverde - great hills and valleys!

  12. Soda stop and the Pacific and the Hotel in Manuel Antonio!

  13. Pedro was our trusty guide at Manuel Antonio and he was very good!

  14. We had a great time at the beach and surfed in the Pacific!

  15. Barbara, Chuck and Lester getting instructions for the Canopy Tour!  

  16. Road conditions leaving Manuel Antonio to San Jose.

  17. Crocodiles under the main highway bridge!

  18. Fog on the hills on the way to San Jose!

  19. On United flying back to the US of A!

  20. Map of the Arenal region.

  21. Map for driving from Monteverde, Manual Antonio and San Jose.


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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2005.10.15   

Published on: 2005.10.24