Planning for our trip to Costa Rica!


Days 01/02 - Flight to Costa Rica from the USA


Introduction to our plans for a trip to Costa Rica!

My friend Barbara is from Seattle and I met her on a trip I took to Turkey in November of 2004.  She wrote and asked if I would like to go to Costa Rica with her?  She said there were several choices from Gate-1, all with great prices and two of them are fly and drive vacations. Chuck and Barbara in Istanbul having Apple Tea!

Here we are having apple tea in the local bazaar in Istanbul in November of 2004!

Our favorite itinerary:  Fly from San Francisco (Barbara will fly to San Francisco from Seattle) on United to Guatemala City and then to San Jose  Costa Rica. Check out the map of Costa Rica, a map of the terrain, showing the mountains and volcanoes and a map of the provinces within Costa Rica along with the statistics for the country.  Also check out the map of the San Jose downtown area!  You might also want to check out the map of the Central American countries around Costa Rica as I have heard the next in place to visit is Nicaragua!

Here is an overview of the weather in Costa Rica and from their web site, a list of things you might want to take along to wear or you might need in Costa Rica! 

We go from San Jose to Arenal (the active volcano), to Monteverde (the area with 'cloud forest' where you can go up to platforms in the trees and ride zip-lines from platform to platform), to Manuel Antonio National Park (a Pacific Coast resort area with white sand beaches in the south part of the country) and back to San Jose.

Barbara called me this morning on my cell phone, July 25th, 2005, as I was having coffee at the Y before working out and she and I agreed the first itinerary sounded the best for the money.  I have enough mileage to fly free to Costa Rica but I don't want to lose the mileage as I am a Premier flyer with United.  Plus $450.00 to go from San Francisco to Guatemala City and on to San Jose Costa Rico is a great deal!  So I told Barbara to go ahead and see what she could arrange, I told her, "My bags are packed and I am ready to go!"  

So we have our initial down payment made and we are ready to begin to review the best way to get around and what to see in Costa Rica.  Below is an overview of our itinerary and this is our United flight schedules to Costa Rica.  As soon as Gate 1 applied my payment to my United ticketing, I called and because I am a Premier Frequent Flyer, I was able to get premier seating exactly where I wanted!   

I had to visit my doctor at the Veterans Hospital today and when he found out I was going to Costa Rica he exclaimed, "My wife and I went there over two years ago on our honeymoon!"   So he sat me down and had a long talk about traveling there and also what I might need in the way of inoculations.  He said my Hepatitis A & B was up-to-date as was my tetanus.  He said tetanus is good for ten years but if traveling aboard, they like you to get the shot every five years, my last one was in 2003.  He checked the area where we will be driving in and said malaria isn't a concern but typhoid is and I should get the shot.  The VA was out of the drug but the head nurse said not too worry, they will call me as soon as it is in.  So a nice visit to see Dr. Greenhouse and his take on traveling in Costa Rica!  A small world as you can see! 

My doctor told me at the Veterans Hospital people traveling to Costa Rica and other areas in the world should have a tetanus shot every five years instead of ten years.  My last one was two years ago so I am fine!  I also have had the Hepatitis A & B but didn't have the typhoid vaccination.  The VA was out of the vaccination so they ordered it especially for me to take before my vacation.  It will be available on September 12th, so I will be able to have the vaccination two weeks before I leave for Costa Rica.  So today, the 13th, I went in for my typhoid vaccine, check out the information relating to typhoid!

Since we are driving we may not do all the things listed here but it will give us an idea as to what we might be able to do while driving in Costa Rica.  Wish us luck! 

End of Planning for our trip to Costa Rica!


Days 01/02 - Flight to Costa Rica from the USA