SCOPE Study - 2017.04.25

04.25.2017 - Identify Why Some Patients React differently from Diseases

The VA wants to determine how to understand and treat various illnesses by testing the blood of a veterans for research projects.

Check or Dollars: We also get a stipend of $25 for the 12 or so vials of blood taken! Last time I was told I would get paid by check. Today cash but, I was told I was paid by cash last time for SCOPE but I got a check in the mail. Confused, but still I got paid!

I was asked if I had been taking any other medications and I said I had just gotten over pneumonia and influenza and I was given two medications and told to stay in bed or the couch for at least two weeks so I could get good enough to go see the biggest play of the year, Hamilton!

April 4th: I went back Monday to the VA Infectious Disease Walk In Care Clinic and they did blood work again and another chest examine and found out I have walking Pneumonia. They also stuck a metal needle with a swab on the end up my nose. Gave me a new strong drug, one pill a day for five days and continue the PERCOPCET, (non steroid) pills till finished. These are enough until Friday - a five day fix hopefully. I was told to stay home and in bed at least 10 hours or on the couch. If I didn't I would end up in the hospital. My doctor also called me back later yesterday and told me I had the flu on top of the Pneumonia so I was at high risk.

My doctor talked to another doctor I know, also Asian American about 55 or so. He is so nice and they decided to give me a drug they said only the VA can use. It is OSELTAMIVIR PO4 75 mg cap 1 twice a day for six days. She said it is one of the few drugs that might actually slow done influenza.

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2017.04.15  

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