Blood Draw to Determine Virus Detection Capabilities ~ 2015.06.12
The VA wants to determine why some senior citizens seem to have the ability to deter various illnesses by the red and white corpuscles and other cells in the body.

Some cells can reject various infections and can force the virus/bacteria outside the cells. If the mechanism that these cells use can be found, it would help determine the best approach to designing either genic engineering or other ways to combat mechanisms to kill infected cells.

I only had to have about 14 vials of blood drawn and then for doing that, I was paid $20.00.

I checked the papers I had to sign to draw the blood and had a good laugh, the more vials one had drawn, the more money!

Maybe next time I should shoot for 20 vials!

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2015.06.12  

Updated on: 2015.06.12