M.R.I. of Brain for Vision & Dizziness


12.19.2008 - Second M.R.I of Brain for Vision & Dizziness

On Friday, December 19, 2008, I will go for another M.R.I. with a contrast or dye in the blood stream to further check if there is a problem with infection or swelling of the brain.

I arrived about an hour early, two P.M., the appointment was for almost three o'clock and they immediately took me into the M.R.I. room and had me take off any medal and said I could leave my clothes on!   So into the M.R.I. and I was there about 40 minutes and that scan was a success.  Then the lab personnel pulled me out of the scanner and said she was going to put in a pediatric needle, small, and then pump in the dye.  She said it wouldn't hurt.  So the needle did sting somewhat but no big thing.   I told her to use the big veins in the middle of the arm, not the ones on the side as they always seem to hurt more.  Well she kept screwing around and I asked what are you doing?  She said it was strange, she put the needle in, the blood rushed back into the vial with the contrast (dye) and when she pressed the plunger all that happened was a bump under the skin.  She kept screwing around and I finally said, just put it in another vein. So into another vein and the same thing happened.  She asked me if my veins collapsed very often.  I said never and a few days ago had two vials taken and a week ago nine vials taken and no problem.  Well she finally said this was very strange and called in the head nurse who she said, was the top needle insertion specialist around.  I said I had heard that before!  Well of course, I had my head in that plastic helmet locked in place and couldn't move or see anything.  Then I felt her feeling one of those nice big veins on the side of my arm.  I said what are you doing?  She said the needle was already in my arm and she was pushing the dye into my arm!  Wow! Never felt a thing.  So I finally was put back into the scanner and after about 15 minutes of scanning my optical region, they said the photos were perfect and I could go home.  I checked the clock and it was just three P.M.!

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2008.12.19  

Updated on: 2008.12.19