NEUROLOGY - Dr. Maas - Module 2

11.21.2008 - NEUROLOGY
On Friday, November 21st, 2008, I have a meeting with a doctor at the Neurology Clinic for the problems with my double vision on the right side. 

First I saw the neurologist, Dr Maas, and he was one of the four doctors that saw me a few weeks ago. He said maybe.... maybe I had some kind of infection in the nerve/muscles of the eyes and he needed me to have a blood test for that. I did the blood draw after our meeting.

He also said it was important to take the December 15th appointment at the Neurology-Optemologist instead of going to Tucson for a week - Dr. McCauley is suppose to be the best from
UCFS and might not be able to see me until January/February. So back to the Vision Clinic and they resubmitted my appointment that I canceled because I was going to Tucson. So that appointment is setup now.

Then back to Neurology and they said Dr. Maas would setup another
MRI for me but this time with a dye in the blood stream to check for swelling in the brain and so on. That might be in December also.

Then I am to go back to see Dr. Maas on the 19th for results of the blood draw and so on.

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
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