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11.18.2008 - Optometrists
On Tuesday, November 18th, 2008, I have a meeting with the lead doctor in the Optometrists Clinic to check my eyes and problems with the dizziness.  Perhaps a nerve or muscle problem in the brain. 

I went to the VA for my 3:45 p.m. Wednesday meeting at the Vision Clinic and first a Richard Whitten, an Ophthalmic Health Tech checked my vision. Left eye is 20/20 and the right eye just slightly. Pressure in left 17 and right 17.5, all in normal range! He then dilated my eyes for the doctors to check my double vision. While talking he said he was a Military brat and had lived in Southern Turkey for about five years 20 years ago.  I told him I was there about five years ago.  He wanted my web site and also gave me his card and personal e-mail address!  He seemed very nice, about 30 or so and also does art work on the side.

Next to the Optometrist and ended up with three doctors giving me tests.  They finally asked if I had hit my head on something......  No, I said.  Then they said it was strange as for my 'age' I was very healthy.  Blood pressure all right and cholesterol and so on.  They said I would come in this Friday and meet with their top vision expert to finalize what is going on and if he can't, they will send me to another hospital that specializes in vision problems.  They said if things get too bad, I should just get a pair of cheap sun glasses and cover one of the lenses and see out of only one eye when walking as either eye sees fine, no double vision is either eye alone.  I told them I all ready figured that out.  They had a good laugh.  So Friday is the next big day for checking out my vision problems. 

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2008.11.18  

Updated on: 2008.11.18