Participating in Aging Research Projects - Brain Functionality
06.15.2007 - Functionality of the Brain by Testing Knowledge and Memory
I was asked at the Y if I wanted to participate in several two hour tests to determine my ability to retain information.  They were composed of word association tests, story line tests, symbolic tests and various other ones.  

One one test she would list about 30 words with matching ones such as blue and sky - earth and flower.  Then ask you to remember what word matched the words she asked you.  Not too difficult, but then she had another list she read off.  Boat and ski - dish and sky and so on.  Then read the first words and you were suppose to remember.  I was not happy!   She would repeat the listings about every half hour and surprisingly, one could remember more matching words as time went by!  Strange.  She said I did very well on all the tests!

One test was interesting as the instructor gave me the instructions and then asked if I had any questions.  I said "No!" and she said "What do you mean no!"  She laughed and said out of 60 people so far, only one other person understood the instructions the first time.  She said she spent up to 20 minutes explaining how the test was to be taken and still some were confused.  She said people who use both sides of the brain seemed to be much stronger on sight recognition and memory!  

This was an interesting test and I was paid $70 for each of the two test scenarios. 


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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2007.06.15  

Updated on: 2007.06.15