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I started to create iMovies and uploading them to YouTube starting in 2020. I now, have a new creative endeavor to work with!

YouTube Video 01 - Charles W. Buntjer - Featured in Life Magazine - 1946:

Life Magazine Cover 1946

YouTube Video 02 - Special Birthdays:

Birthdays Around the World

YouTube Video 03 - World Wide Photos by Chuck:

Chuck's World WIde Photos as of 2022

YouTube Video 04 - West Coast Swing Exhibition:

West Coast Swing Exhibition - 1992

YouTube Video 05 - Oil Paintings:

Paintings and Sketching - 1945/2022

YouTube Video 06 - Chuck's apartment in San Francisco.

Villa Buntjer on the 28th Floor

YouTube Video 07 - Chuck's Views from the 28th Floor:

Panoramic Views of San Francisco!

YouTube Video 08 - Chuck Producing/Directing the Piccolo Opera Project

Piccolo Opera Project Start Up

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