I probably shouldn't tell this but when I was dischared from the Army after serving for two years in the fall of 1965, the paper work was done in Oakland. I guess I was suppose to attend some type of military requirment each year until I had completed my service. My parents must have gotten the letter for me to fulfill the Army requirements in 1965. Well I never did get it in 1965 and one day I came home after work from the computer center at Fireman's Fund Insurance in 1969, there was an official looking envelope from the governmois. I wondered what it was and when I opened it I thought, "Well good, it was my Discharge Papers stating I had completed the necessary requirments to fullfill my Army contract!" I must have fallen through the cracks!

I double checked the second page and it still had RR 2 Polo Illinois as my address! Maybe they thought I was still a farm boy!

My sister told me the letter had to have gone to my father and stepmother. I said I never got it! Did they throw it out or.... did I get it in the mail and just throw it out? Well what ever happened, I came out all right! And my parents must have sent to Discharge papers to me in San Francisco! Another mystery in the life of Chuck Buntjer!