Letter to My Sister in 1954!



After my mother had passes away in 1953, I lived in the little town of Brookville Illinois, where I went to another one room school house.  I think about 80 people lived there if that many!  The one room school was like the one in Pecatonica, where I ended up on the cover of Life Magazine when in first grade.  I believe my father was unsure as to how to cope with me as we had another farm quite far from the one we lived on near Polo and it was easier for me to stay with an older woman near the school until things settled down.

In the mean time my father met a woman named Ella, as can be seen in my letter to my sister Yvonne and her husband Ken.  My father wanted someone to come in and keep house for us after my mother passed away, Ella was very nice to me.  My sister and brother-in-law at that time lived in Rockford, the 'big' city as far as I was concerned.  We thought for a while my father and Ella might have gotten married but nothing happened and I never knew why!

After my mother had passed away I had terrible migraine headaches for several years.   

It is interesting, after over 50 years, I cannot remember my father getting me a fishing pole!  One forgets so many things and something like this is great to bring back memories. 

Also, I hadn't thought of Vince Dresden in over 50 years either, I wonder what he is doing now.  Maybe a search on the Internet will find some information on the Brookville School and Vince!