Polo Community High School Class of 1958

We were the first class to graduate from the newly built Polo High School in 1958!

I only recognize a few people after 50 years!  I think we need to add the names for future reference.  It looked like about 31 or so people attended the reunion.  A listing of those not able to attend would also be nice as I was one of those not able to be there.


1st Row Left to Right:   

Sandra Abels, Nina Andrews, Ron Bardell, Bill Clayton, Karl Dauphin, Evelyn Davison, Jeri O'Hare

Chuck Buntjer

2nd Row: 

Joe Empen, Ted Folk, Sharon Garman, Julie Gilbert, Bill Bray, Leo Haberer, Liz Herbst, Helen Smith

San Francisco, California

3rd Row

Sharon Smith, Ron Kalas, Martha Livingston, Marilyn Maxey, Duane Milhorn, Donna Miller, Leo Rienstra, Jerry Riggs, Susan Schell

4th Row:   

Bill Sweet, Betsey Taylor, Gary Williams, Mel Witmer, Larry Wuebben, Don Ditzler, Dean Wilson

Interestingly I was the only one with a Web Site Address for others to view!

Two teachers I certainly couldn't remember, who knows what classes they taught!

It was scary to see people I used to hang out with on the Fondly Remembered listing.