The Buntjer Polo Farm House ~ 1949 and Renovated in 1951 ~ Still Looks the Same After 55 Years!


This photo was taken in 1949 in front of our farm house near Polo Illinois.  This was pre-renovation when the house was completely redone, a new barn and new machine shed for storing our trucks, tractors, and cultivators and so on.

My father, Walter Buntjer, is in the middle foreground.  My uncle Benny is on the left.  In the center left is my mother Edna Peterson/Buntjer, next is my aunt Francis.   I am in the center with my two cousins, Bobby on the left and Shirley on the right!

This photo was taken in 2004 when my sister Yvonne and I took a driving trip from Chicago to St. Louis to visit friends and family along the way.  

The house and grounds looked the same as they did over 55 years ago, a very strange feeling!  I remember mowing the lawn for hours; I believe the lawn was over two acres!  We were proud of the cleanliness and we also had flower beds round the barn to cheer things up. 


And this photo was taken on May 2nd, 2004 in Rock Falls  Illinois.  On the left is Bobby Buntjer, on the right is his sister Shirley.   I and sitting next to my sister, Yvonne Burt/Buntjer.  

It is interesting to look at the photo taken in 1949 and the one taken taken 55 years later!